Repositioning of a premium medicinal cannabis manufacturer.


Chilam Pharm are experts in growing EU GMP-certified medicinal cannabis however they felt their current site was not positioning them as a market leader within their field. Having already obtained a set of brand assets I utilised these to create a design that aimed to elevate them as a credible luxury brand. The visuals were then transformed into a fully responsive mobile website with all images loading progressively to help with page speed and search engine optimisation.


Bespoke Shopify build and design.


As an established and popular bar in Wolverhampton I was tasked by Blossoms to design and build a bespoke website driven by the popular eCommerce platform Shopify. Not wanting an off the shelf template I was able to take a basic Shopify framework and using custom CSS manipulate it to match my visuals. The website allows users to seamlessly add a selection of products to their basket and checkout hassle free.


Logo design for a new sustainable luxury fashion label.


I was approached by Yianni to help with the creation of their logo that would act as a key component in both brand recognition and positioning as a high-end sustainable luxury fashion label. Having worked closely with the labels owner through a series of design and brand workshops I was able to gain an in-depth understanding of the brands background and values. Through this I was then able to create a logo that was justified in both approach and application.

York Apparel

Logo design for a new British fitness and gym wear brand.


Having recently undertaken a brand audit, it was indentified that their current logo was no longer working as a main component for the brand image. Using the audit to help inform my research and approach I was able to create a contemporary logo that would provide longevity whilst helping aligning their current and future values for the label.

Zeke Torres

Building a digital presence for a leading Chicago based SaaS engineer.


As a respected and active member of the SaaS community, I was asked by Zeke in helping design and build a digital presence that would help separate him from his peers. Built upon Wordpress as the choice of content management system, this responsive website offers Zeke the ability to update content as and when required. All styling components were then hand-coded to help keep the framework lean and improve overall page performance.

Mark Kaye Photography

Showcasing works by the award nominated and internationally published photographer.


Based in Manchester, Mark Kaye works across portraiture, music and lifestyle creating content of the highest quality. Having photographed some of the industries most iconic figures Mark required his newly created brand being translated on to the web. Utilising a palette of brand assets I provided both the design and build of a fully responsive Wordpress-driven website. Further development has seen the integration of WooCommerce and PayPal enabling Mark to seamlessly sell his work directly through the website.

Collective Sound

Creating a social platform for new and upcoming music artists.


With a clear aim of becoming the hub for new and upcoming music artists from across the West Midlands, Collective Sound approached me to build their brand and digital presence. The logo subtly plays on the notion of sound waves to represent each individual talent which when bought together form the c for collective. The hand-coded website was then integrated into a tailored content management system enabling users to join, create a profile, upload multiple tracks and connect with other local artists.

Scorpio Wealth

Website design and build for a new forex trading start-up.


Scorpio Wealth provide professional forex trading courses and analysis to clients looking for financial independence and freedom. Established by two real-world traders they wanted to create a credible brand within a marketplace where trust is of utmost importance. Having already acquired their logo I was tasked with the design and build of a mobile-friendly website which would act as their main asset for converting interested clients into paying customers.

Studio Nixon

Building a brand for an upcoming Birmingham based photographer.


Having already decided that his current branding was longer working, I was approached by Stuart Nixon to put a fresh spin on his brand Studio Nixon that would better align him with potential clients. Stuart prides himself on providing an open and transparent working practice which became the basis for the revised brand. Following a successful redesign of his logo I then applied the new brand palette across lookbooks, business cards and a hand coded fully-responsive website.

Mason Interiors

Logo design for a new luxury interior design venture.


Started by two sisters Jo and Beth Mason, they had a clear vision of where they wanted to take their brand Mason Interiors. With both having a wealth of experience working for large design firms, they believed the manner in which they were able to combine their own individual skills is what would help set them apart from competitors. It was this harmony which was the basis for the logo where by two separate lines followed the same path to form an abstract M.

First for Physio

Name and branding for a professional physiotherapist.


Looking to increase his freelance capacity, James Johnson offers physiotherapy and sports massage to local clients. I was approached by James to help with both the naming of his brand and the creation of a suite of brand assets enabling him to gain market recognition. With his practice firmly focussed on a more youthful demographic, James was open to a fresh perspective that would connect him with his target audience.

Faas Talks

Website design and build for a new ethically-focussed lifestyle blog.


Faas talks is a new ethically-focussed lifestyle blog that covers topics including fashion, culture, travel, film and design. I was approached by the team at Faas to perform a website audit and critique as recent feedback pointed towards the brand no longer performing to or aligning with their target audience. Having presented my thoughts and findings I was then asked to rebuild the website using a bespoke content management system that was tailored purely to the needs of their business. This has since resulted in a noticeable increase in visitor numbers and memberships with a considerable drop in bounce rates.

Logo Designs

A curated selection of some of my favourite logo projects.


For every logo design project I am tasked with I aim to create a stylish and contemporary solution which helps elevate your brand, product and service. Through in-depth research of your competitors I am able to produce a design that can be justified in a clear and transparent manner whilst having a real connection back to the brand. Regardless of budget each logo design project receives the same due care and attention to detail.